Trails Series

On looking back on this body of work, I find it natural and helpful to divide the pieces into the following groups: Black and White, Transitional, Interpretative, and Color. It is interesting that the removal of all map references allows the trails to become occasionally abstract animal forms.

The interpretive series, although still linked to hiking trails and maps, really push the idea of poetry and metaphor more vigorously than the transitional series. I am allowing myself a much larger expressive voice here. All the pieces are 22” x 30” except Sonata and Debate which are on 30” x 47” paper. A wide variety of drawing materials are used.

My latest work in this series introduces color as a primary component. The drawings are 32" x 40" and are made with oil sticks.

The transitional series is really a collection of exploratory drawings which are still based on maps used for hiking with my family. The attempt here is to reinterpret loosely and poetically the atmosphere of the place. All the drawings use various media on 22” x 30” paper.

The black and white series evolved from hiking with my family as a means of reconnecting. The images come from maps we used to walk the trails. The repetitive step becomes a meditation and the pencil stroke mimics the step. The trails themselves are devoid of pencil marks—a reversal of the traditional emphasis in a drawing. All drawings are made using 9B graphite on 22” x 30” paper.


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